A 30-year-old Tenessee man was recently tossed in jail after being accused of banging a horse, not once but twice in the same week.

According to NBC25, he was captured after owners of the horse reviewed surveillance video to watch the recently pregnant horse give birth. The footage showed this sicko entering the barn and engaging in multiple forms of intercourse with the horse. Not sure exactly what that means but it really grosses me out if I use my imagination.

The police had no idea who this dude was until he returned to his love nest (the barn). Once again he went at it with the very same horse. Owners of the barn called the police but the guy fled the scene. He wasn't hard to find though because the dope left his vehicle nearby which had his driver's license in it. After police arrested him he admitted to being on the property but said it was because he was drunk and didn't want a DUI. He didn't mention anything about his lovemaking escapade with the horse.

Smells like love is in the air...or is that horse manure?

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