Yesterday was a terrible day for those who have been advocating for animal's rights, and more importantly for a bunch of innocent animals who were in a trailer attached to a semi truck headed for I-75. Fox 17 is reported on February 22nd that a trailer which was carrying 38 cows overturned at around 3:10 p.m. on the westbound I-94 ramp headed to southbound I-75 Monday afternoon. It wasn't until around 6 p.m. that crews were able to make it to the scene to start the rescue mission and clean up.

Sadly, for the cows who were injured during the accident, the police department gave a grime assessment:

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police gave an update

A Couple of updates from overnight: Crews are still out on the ramp from westbound I 94 to south 75 removing the live stock trailer from the ramp. Should be clear after the morning rush.

Below is the live footage that was covered for nearly an hour once the report came in on the crash.

It's common for animals to be the fault for car crashes but it's terrible when weather conditions are the cause for an animal to be involved in such a horrific event, and have to be put down. No info has yet been released on the condition of the driver.

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