Some people on social media are just unbearable lately.

Ok. Let me just start this by saying this is not a political post. This is a post about how people are treating others on social media.

Over the last year, almost every time that I scroll through my Facebook feed, I see someone with a heated political post. I totally understand that. Social media is a great way for some people to vent and get things off their chest. It is a tough time for everyone and if you have to let it out, just let it out. Getting things off your chest is really important for your mental health.

Here is where I have the problem with certain posts though. If you put anything along the lines of "unfriend me if you don't agree," I am more than likely going to do just that whether or not I agree with your statement. I have never been a fan of ultimatums. This whole "with me or against me" world we are living in is not something I want to be a part of, especially on social media.

If you want to go the "unfriend me if..." route, that's your choice, but unfortunately I will unfriend you. Just know that that is upsetting to me. There is more to the world than just left or right, up or down, night or day.

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I can't and won't live my life at war with others when it isn't necessary. I really appreciate the level of passion that most people have on subjects they post about, but you can't force that on other people. We all have thoughts, feelings, and passions for things and believe in them 100%, but that doesn't mean that those thoughts, feelings, and passions are shared by others. There is nothing wrong with that. It doesn't make them wrong and it doesn't make you wrong.

There are many people in my life, close friends and family, that don't share the same feelings and opinions as I do and I'm fine with it. That's what makes the world awesome and allows us to learn. The ability to agree to disagree can save friendships and relationships. What's good for you, might not be good for me and vice versa. That is okay.

Saying that someone is wrong and evil because they have an opinion that is different from yours is just insane to me. I miss being able to sit down and have conversations with others that differ in opinion while enjoying a beer together. Unfortunately, I think the world is too heated at the moment to do that. A good ole fashion debate is fun, but arguments are never worth it. I'll end this rant here.

Just remember, it is almost 100% impossible to change someone's mind or even have a rational conversation on social media nowadays. With that said, my next rant will probably be about Facebook tough guys and keyboard warriors. I'll see you then.


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