If you have someone on your list to buy for this holiday season that is a techie, here are a few ideas that are inexpensive and pretty cool as well.

FIXD Via Amazon

1. FIXD ($59.99)

A great gift for the person in your life that is not mechanically inclined. The CUBE is a car diagnostic device for when that pesky check engine light comes on. You simply plug it into your car/truck OBD-II and download the free app that is available on both Apple and Android platforms. The device will tell you the codes of what is going wrong with your vehicle so you can get it fixed right the first time. Simple and easy. FIXD works with vehicles that are 1996 or newer.

Keysmart Via Amazon

2. Keysmart ($19.99)

This small device is a key organizer like a swiss army knife for your keys. Can hold up to 14 keys and is capable of having a bottle opener and a USB drive. If you are a person who loses your keys this might NOT be a good option for you. If you are a person who does lose their keys a lot. Make sure to read #3.

CUBE Via Amazon

3. CUBE ($29.99)

This neat little device is a key/phone finder that you attach to your keychain. It is water resistant and works with Android and Apple devices. Enable the skill on your Amazon Echo or Dot so you also can use it with Alexa. The CUBE hooks up via Bluetooth and has a 100-foot range. A cool thing about this finder is that you can locate your phone even if it is on silent or vibrate. Since Maggie loses her phone all the time here at the station this is going to the perfect gift for her.

All of these items are available on Amazon. Check back for some more tech gadgets that will be great under the tree next week.