Before we get into this list, let's just get one thing straight.  Boobs are awesome.  That is the number one, undisputed, truest fact about breasts.  They are awesome.  Now that we have that established, check out my top five facts about boobies.

Number Five: Women With Fake Breasts Are More Likely To Commit Suicide


It's not surprising, but women with fake breasts are much more likely to kill themselves.  A 15 year study was conducted by a global health organization, with findings indicating that women that had breast augmentation surgery were 3 times as likely to commit suicide.  Some groups have stated that silicon toxicity leads to mental illness, but research shows that women that get breast implants are more likely to have underlying emotional and mental issues.

Fake breasts or not, suicide is no joke.  If you're having issues, get some help.

Number Four: Breast Orgasms Are Real


When it comes to making women orgasm, there is more than one way to go.  It's estimated that 30% of women have had an orgasm from exclusive breast stimulation and even more women could, if there breasts get handled properly.  And maybe handled isn't the right word, because it's easier to achieve if you stimulate the breasts orally.  Use circular motions, suction, and combination of licks, biting and blowing.  Some chicks also like getting their boobs smacked.  Ask your partner for feedback or for her to demonstrate what she wants on you if you can't figure it out.

Number Three: Boobs Get Fat


Sagging boobs are all too real and the reason the girls start drooping is fat.  Boobs are filled with fat, collagen and milk glands, but as women get older, the collagen ages and the milk glands become unneeded and unused, which makes room for more fat.  The added fat can lead to larger breasts, but it can also lead to boobs on the floor.  Interestingly, cigarettes are also guilty of making breasts sag.

Number Two: The World's Largest Boob Job Is Sized 38KKK


When it comes to fake boobs, nobody tops Sheyla Hershey, who rocks a bra size of 38KKK.  The 31 year old has had 9 surgeries and if fact number 4 is true, she's probably downing a bottle of Vicodin and a bottle of vodka right now.  As far as I can find, she does not do porn but she is obviously quite proud of her enormous boobs.

Number One: Go Topless Is A Woman's Organization Trying To Allow Woman To Go Topless


Women walking around topless is not only the dream of every heterosexual male in the world, but it's also the dream of the fine women at Go Topless.  The organization is working towards allowing women the right to remove their shirts, under the idea that all people should be given the same rights.  I'm down for equal rights, and I'm more than down when it comes to chicks walking around topless.


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