If you have not noticed, the world cup is going on in of all places. Russia.

I know its soccer. Which isn't very popular here in the states, but across the world, it is the number one sport. Now there are professional soccer clubs here in America and yes we even hosted a world cup back in 1994 and won the bid to co-host it in 2026 with our friends to the north (Canada) and south (Mexico).

But for some reason, I find myself a soccer fan when the world cup is going on. Not much happening in the world of sports other than baseball, and this gives me a little break from watching baseball every day (season is way too long). I tend to follow some of the countries in which my relatives have come from (Denmark/England) since the U.S. didn't qualify this year.

Along with the fans from all of the countries are crazy. The word fan is short for fanatic, with watching soccer I get it now. The chants (Iceland has the best), crazy outfits, and excitement just get me going. One fan from Russia (who is super hot) was at a game and come to find out that she is also a porn star. What? Ok, soccer ya got me for a few weeks at least.

Russia v Egypt: Group A - 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia
Getty Images Richard Heathcote

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