When head lice starts becoming resistant to medication, rest assured it won’t be long before Michigan experiences an emergence of crabs that can no longer be cured with over the counter shampoos.

Although there is no reason to fear mutant public lice as of yet, the American Chemical Society announced earlier this week that they have discovered drug resistant head lice in over half the states, including Michigan. This means that all of the common products used to kill lice and their eggs on the noggins of youngsters all across the nation could be useless against these tiny beasts' infestation tactics.

However, there are still prescription treatments available that have the capacity to snuff out these little bastards, so there is no reason to panic. Yet, this situation could eventually prove rather embarrassing the moment an epidemic of crabs begins torturing the delicate areas of men and women all over Michigan.

Reports back as far as 2012 indicate that drug resistant crab lice is a real thing, but that they are not quite as wicked as the louse that breed and mutate in heads of hair.

So, it seems that while head lice, which targets around 12 million kids every year, is morphing into some zombie critter, this transition is actually quite rare in crabs. But, even if it wasn’t, there is no preemptive strike one can take to ensure his or her private patches don’t get become a orgy lair for bugs.

According to Planned Parenthood, "Pubic lice are easily spread, and there is no protection. The only thing that can reduce your risk of getting pubic lice is limiting the number of people with whom you have intimate or sexual contact. If you or your partner has pubic lice, do not have sex again until treatment is complete."

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