MI Water Park in Hot Water
While braving through the weather in Michigan during winter, many of us long for summer activities. Swimming is one of those things that can make you forget about the season. However, some customers at a Michigan water park ended up with a rash after a visit.
Are Fancy Health Drinks Actually Worth Buying?
I've been told Diet Coke will kill me, so before coming to the studio I stopped by Super Target to pick up a sandwich and some fancy health/energy drinks. I'm not really one to buy fancy drinks - I think froo froo Starbucks coffee drinks are a waste of money and many other drinks are popul…
schools give kids 'fat' letters
10-year-old Cameron Watson just won the Massachusetts state wrestling championship for his age and weight division by pinning his opponent in less than 30 seconds. But instead of getting a trophy and a letter from his school congratulating him; he got a trophy and a letter from the Department of Pub…

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