I don't have kids, but I have noticed that a lot of my friends, and even my sisters seem to go all out when it comes to Easter presents for their kid(s). Is Easter the new Christmas, or has it always been and I am just finally noticing?

As a kid I recall hunting for Easter eggs and looking for an Easter basket. My basket would always have a chocolate bunny, maybe a small stuffed animal and other miscellaneous candies. That was all. No electronics, no money, no trips to Disneyland.

Today I hear people talking about the Easter Bunny gifting their kids iPads, video games, clothes, trips and more. Is this the norm? Every single holiday seems to be present related. Isn't a chocolate bunny or a box of Peeps enough anymore?

This is another reason I am glad I am not a parent. IF I was, my kid(s) would be real sad this Sunday when all they have to open from the Easter Bunny is a Cadbury egg. Wah Wah.

Happy Easter.