There are roughly 80-90 strip clubs throughout the state of Michigan. There isn't an official strip club directory but one site claims there were over 80 that were operating in 2018. But which one is the oldest?

We recently shared some very creepy photos of Detroit's abandoned Chi-Chi's strip club on Harper Avenue which first opened in 1971. This got me wondering what was the oldest strip club in the state of Michigan. Trying to track down that information isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

The only information that I could find was from a strip club in the Detroit area that claimed to be the oldest in the city. I figure if it was the oldest in Detroit, it had to be one of the oldest in Michigan. Unfortunately, I don't think that's the case.

What is the Oldest Strip Club in Detroit?

La Chambre Lounge (The Chamber) was a strip club inside a strip mall in Detroit.  They claimed to have opened in 1946 and were the oldest strip club in Detroit before they permanently closed. It's almost impossible to find any information on this place. It looks like they closed in 2019 due to possible fire damage.

I honestly don't believe that this strip club was up and running in 1946. That seems way too early since according to Medium and other sources, in the mid-1950s, pole dancing was only moving from small circus tents to bars and clubs in America. Stripping in clubs didn't really take off until the 50 and 60s.

So, what was the first-ever strip club in Michigan?

I wish I could answer this question. I looked everywhere but couldn't seem to find that information anywhere. If you know the answer, please, let us know.

The history of strip clubs in Michigan is a bit of a mystery.

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