I have seen some wild things during my morning commute to work, I've dealt with some wildly busy days on the job where it feels like I work from sunup to sundown, I have seen and dealt with interesting clients, and have heard buildings being run into during the workday but nothing like this. They say that you never know what to expect and that every day is different, but this is just crazy.

Chicago is a city that I have a lot of love for and one that I should have a second residence in considering how much time I spend there. With that being said, Chicago is one of the craziest cities in not just the country but the entire world as any number of things can pop off at any time. Those working in the former Olgilvie Transportation Center, now known as the Accenture Tower, had an unforeseen start to their day.

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One man, Maison Des Champs for an undisclosed reason at this time decided that the morning of Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, would be the perfect time for him to try a feat he's had his eye on for a while
We have no idea while Des Champs decided to free climb the Accenture Tower and if it has anything to do with the events in Israel, the Consulate General, or if he's simply doing another "publicity stunt" which he's known for doing to try and raise funds for charities that align with his personal views and beliefs. Chicago police are familiar with Maison Des Champs, set a perimeter, and verified safety of everyone in the area.

Above are numerous videos and pictures taken by onlookers from both inside and outside of the building. Some had never seen anything like it and were in awe as they were wondering what would happen, how he would get down, or how they would handle things when he reached the top. To be anti-climatic the police awaited his arrival at the top of the Accenture Tower and arrested him.

He isn't the only one in the country to have these ideas either, as pictured in the above tweet, there was another man in Pheonix back in February right around the Super Bowl which was being played in Las Vegas, very close to Pheonix, who also scaled a building. This man took it upon himself to free climb the Chase Tower where he was arrested as well.

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