Don't leave these items in your car on a hot summer day.

When you're out and about in Michigan during the summer, there are some things you just shouldn't leave in your car. Many reports say that your car can heat up 20º in a matter of just 10 minutes after you park it.

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If a car is parked in the sun on a sunny 85º day, the internal temperature could skyrocket to 115º in a matter of just 30 minutes. With internal temperatures like that, the items you leave in there could be damaged or cause some damage.

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For the list below, we left off the obvious...pets and children. You wouldn't think we would even have to mention those in a subject like this, but if you've been on any social media during the summer you undoubtedly have seen countless videos of good samaritans breaking windows to save children and animals alike. If you are a person that does leave your pet or child in the car on a hot day, just know that there is a special place in hell for you.

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Some of the items you will see below may never have even crossed your mind in this scenario. The consequence of leaving these items range from mild to "holy s***, my car is on fire." From sunscreen not working as well to an aerosol can exploding, so many things can happen.

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Leaving these items in your car on a hot summer day in Michigan can have consequences ranging from mild to severe.

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