Here are Cannibal Corpse drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz's 10 favorite albums when he was a teenager.

Now, he's 55 and still delivering best-in-class performances behind the kit, the latest being on Cannibal Corpse's 16th album, Chaos Horrific. The record has been preceded by two totally pulverizing singles — "Blood Blind" and "Summoned for Sacrifice" — which should instantly insert themselves among any fan's all-time favorites list.

As consistent as they come, Cannibal Corpse are primed to drop another classic death metal album.

Cannibal Corpse, "Blood Blind" Music Video

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Mazurkiewicz was born on Sept. 8, 1968, meaning his teenage years spanned from Sept. 8, 1981 to Sept. 7, 1988.

What a time to be a teenager, huh? The drummer's formative years aligned right with the emergence of heavy metal and the several branches it quickly sprouted as new and exciting forms of metal were molded.

While Mazurkiewcz's musical career has been centered around brutal music, the stuff he was obsessing over pre-dates extremity in metal, right until the mid-'80s as more aggressive forms of thrash sprung up. Naturally, this fed directly into Cannibal Corpse's sound as they too pioneered a subgenre of metal.

Check out Paul Mazurkiewicz's 10 favorite albums when he was a teenager directly below!

Chaos Horrific comes out on Sept. 22 on Metal Blade and can be purchased here. Follow Cannibal Corpse on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and head here to see all of their upcoming tour dates.

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