In the last 22 years, Fozzy released eight studio albums, beginning with 2000's self-titled debut, leading up to last year's Boombox. There's no reason to think there aren't many more full-lengths on the horizon for the band Chris Jericho founded, but as of right now, he seems to have something else in mind.

"We worked three years on the Boombox record because we finished it up right before the pandemic," Jericho explained on Loudwire Nights Wednesday night (Oct. 25). "Then of course the lockdown comes and you're not really doing much and you don't want to release it when nobody can promote it properly. That took a long time to get going."

Jericho told host Chuck Armstrong that even though Boombox led to significant success for Fozzy — three singles cracked the Top 10 rock charts and three other songs became staples in their live show — it was disappointing that half the record's songs kind of disappeared.

"We thought, well, why would we want to do that again? Why don't we just concentrate on doing singles for awhile, just releasing one song every three to four months, keeping something in the chamber and something in the pipeline at all times."

Fozzy are embodying that model right now as they're celebrating the release of their latest stand-alone single, "Spotlight," a song that Jericho describes as having a little bit of an industrial style to it.

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"I think it's going to be another very successful song for us," he admitted.

"We've really kind of honed in on what the Fozzy sound is and what our style is and who our fanbase is ... For our level of band to be bigger now than ever — and having seen so many other hot, young upstarts come and go in the meantime — it's gratifying for us."

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