The swoop, the curl, the side swept look, the jagged, eye covering bangs, the subtle spikes, the overgrown on top look. If it was the early to mid-2000s, it was pretty hard to miss the emo hair that many rockers were sporting.

Yes, most self-respecting emos were sporting black of some kind in their wardrobes and you likely saw a hoodie or two on display, but the haircuts is often what made them distinguishable. That whole wind-swept look of layered hair and jagged bangs flipped to one side was a hugely popular hair style and one that feels very much of its time.

There were variations on the theme - the swoop, the skullet, the bob, the emo long, the subtle spikes and for our curly haired brothers and sisters, the overgrown on top - and it wasn't out of place for emos to dye their hair neon colors or in patterns such cheetah spots. Throw out the combs, the more unkempt and greasy looking the better.

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So let's revisit the emo hair of the 2000s with some of the genre's biggest acts.

33 Amazing Examples of Emo Hair

Get swept up in it.

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