It seems that since "The Big Bang Theory" aired its final episode on May 16, 2019, there has been a lack of casual entertainment that doesn’t take much thought and has creative scripting. Since “Big Bang”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, and “The King of Queens” have gone into the world of syndication, my alternative viewing has been a handful of reality shows.

It’s encouraging to see CBS bringing back "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race", now that the Wuhan virus restrictions are beginning to ease travel restrictions. Also, Chef Ramsey has returned to "Hell’s Kitchen" to terrorize the cooks who are attempting to crawl up the ladder to cuisine greatness. There is one final bastion of reality programming that has filled my craving for video adventure: YouTube police bodycam/dashcam videos.

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So Why Do Police Officers Touch The Back Of A Stopped Vehicle?

"State Boyzzz" and "PoliceActivity" are two of my go-to's for YouTube police dashcam/bodycam videos. They portray the dangerous situations that law enforcement deals with on a daily basis and will often keep you on the edge of your couch. One thing that I have noticed, while watching the action, a police officer will often “tap” the rear of a stopped vehicle as he approaches the driver’s door during a traffic stop. There is purpose for this, and here are three good reasons:

  1. To startle the driver: According to, one of the reasons is to startle the driver. The driver is likely not expecting the noise of the tap, which typically causes him or her to stop for a moment, giving the police officer additional time to witness what the driver is trying to hide (if there is anything).
  2. For Evidence: The Reader’s Digest suggests that another reason is to leave evidence. Leaving a thumbprint on the taillight of a vehicle is an old-school way of ensuring that the vehicle can be conclusively identified as the vehicle involved in a traffic stop should the officer become incapacitated.
  3. To Secure the Trunk: says that one of the reasons that police officers touch the back of your car is to secure the trunk. Because of the danger of their job, police officers are always on guard. They touch the back of the car to guarantee that the trunk is still latched. There may be someone hiding in the trunk, waiting to surprise the officer.

A Great Example Of A Police Dashcam Video

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