Few things bring people in Michigan together like a quality food challenge. We don't mean murdering an all-you-can-eat buffet, either.

Imagine stuffing your gullet until you feel like your stomach is going to burst. Then, finding the will to keep going.

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Insane Michigan Food Challenge is Ranked No. 15 in Top 25, Nationally

Maybe you've heard of Dog Central in Mt. Pleasant?

They're popular for unique toppings and styles of hot dogs paired up with tasty fries served up in a basket.

Dog Central has also been featured on Travel Channel and Cooking Channel on Man Vs Food, too. Now, website Wealth of Geeks has recognized them.

The 25 Minute DC Challenge

This contest has gotten so popular you must now sign up for a time slot to compete. And it's not for the faint of heart:

  • 3 Footlong Dogs with Chili and your choice of two additional toppings or any signature dog.
  • A bed of fries
  • Stack of Onion Rings
  • 20 oz. fountain drink

You have to down all of that within 25 minutes or pay the price, literally.

Dog Central Mt. Pleasant
Dog Central 111 E Michigan Street, Mt. Pleasant, MI Credit: Google Street View

Dog Central's Wall of Fame or Shame

If you successfully complete the DC Challenge, you're recognized with a few things:

  • $10
  • a t-shirt
  • your name and pic on the wall of fame "forever."
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If you fail... you pay $25 for the meal.

More Dog Central Food Challenges

Each contest has a men's and women's competition and reigning champ.

  • Most Hot Dogs Eaten in 2-Hours
  • Most Hot Dogs Eaten in 1/2 Hour
  • The Ghost Chili Challenge
  • Get your Name on the Wall of Fame (or shame) by eating eight dogs with chili and one topping.

Jacob Williams is a frequent winner of the 2-Hour challenge.

Even if your stomach isn't up for stuffing... plenty of fans insist Dog Central is a must-stop place anytime you're in Mt. Pleasant.

Until your arteries harden, you really can't go wrong with mac 'n cheese on a dog.

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