Hot Dogs

Burger King Adds Wieners To Their Menu [VIDEO]
There will soon be a new king in town. King Dong perhaps? Burger King will begin serving hot dogs this month! Beginning February 23rd you can have a wiener your way. You will have a choice of a classic hot dog or a chili cheese dog. Is this a not so subtle way of telling McDonald's to suck it?
Introducing Dale Bonehart’s Hot Dogs
You may remember paper towels, the revolutionary product we presented to you a while back. Now Magic Hugs, the creators of that ground-breaking infomercial, bring you the latest in food making/eating technology -- Dale Bonehart's Hot Dogs.
Facebook Status Updates That Piss Me Off
Love it or hate it, facebook has changed the way we do things.  Everybody is on it, and everybody wants to be your friend.  I'm all about facebook and I want you to add me and the Banana, but I don't want you to post like an idiot.  So when you're about to click Share, …