You can't get mad at Jimmy "Smokes" for being fired up about the terrible officiating that cost the Tigers a game against the Red Sox.  It really was an awful call, and it really cost the Tigers the game.  Check out what Leyland had to say about the officials and the press.


It seems like a lot of Tigers fans are calling for his head, but I still like Jim Leyland.  He seems to get the most out of his players, and I think the reason he can do that is because as players, they know Leyland has their back.  The Tigers lost in Boston on Memorial Day, after umpires blew a call regarding a caught foul tip that would have retired the Red Sox.  The ball was ruled to have hit the ground, keeping the Sox alive and allowing them to score three runs.  Replays of the foul tip clearly showed the ball being caught.

Leyland sounded off on the umpires, and how everybody in the game needs to be held accountable.  He also drew attention to how obvious of a call it was and how it's the media's responsibility to be truthful with their reporting of the story.

Tigers starting pitcher, Doug Fister blamed the loss on his pitching not the officiating.

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