Rob Zombie has been slow-rolling details for his upcoming witch film 'The Lords of Salem', the latest of which says that his guitarist John 5 will compose and record the musical score.

Rob Zombie has always taken a family approach when making films. Not in the sense that he makes movies for families (quite the opposite really), but that he often works within the same circle of people -- casting friends and actors he's previously worked with. So when it came time to recruit someone to score his upcoming witchcraft horror tale, he didn't have to look very far.

Zombie announced that his guitarist John 5 will handle the musical duties for the 2012 film. John has released several solo albums and honed his dark sound over the years working with acts like Marilyn Manson and Rob Halford. John 5 began touring with Zombie in 2005 and played on his previous two albums 2006's 'Educated Horses' and 2010's 'Hellbilly Deluxe 2'. Rob briefly explained why John was the man for the job:

"John totally understands the vibe of the film and is the perfect choice to create the music".

Ironically, John 5 already created the music for 'The Lords of Salem' -- a song bearing the same name appeared on 2006's 'Educated Horses'. Zombie says that he's had the movie idea for years, even prior to the recording of the song.

'The Lords of Salem' is expected in 2012 and will begin filming in less than a week. Announced cast members so far include Dee Wallace, Bruce Dern, Julia Voth, Meg Foster, and Sheri Moon Zombie.