Among the many rock artists releasing new music in the near future are Skillet, who, according to frontman John Cooper, have created "aggressive" new music that he hopes will inspire people's faith.

"We are going to be releasing music this year. It's not announced yet, but I'm very excited about the new project," Cooper told YouTuber Snyderrob during an interview at Lifest Festival earlier this month.

"It's really aggressive, it is really in your face, and I think that probably is born out of the year that we've had," the singer teased. "I mean, this has been such a bizarre 15 or 16 months. People are wondering how they're going to make it."

As a result, Cooper hopes that the new music they release will inspire people — especially those who are feeling hopeless and feel they're at a breaking point — to turn to their faith.

"So this album, I hope, is an encouragement to people to not be ashamed of Christ, to live your faith, live out the word of God, because the word of God never changes, and everything else, as we've seen, is going to let you down in a huge way."

Watch the video clip from the interview below.

Cooper is extremely proud of his own faith, and recently recalled a time when someone told him to "stop talking about Jesus" so frequently. After the encounter with the individual, he realized it only made his faith stronger.

"It was a good time for us to put our feet down on the ground and say, 'No, we absolutely know who we are.' And to not talk about Jesus, then there's no point to Skillet — that's the entire point of me playing music, is to share my faith in Christ. That's all that it is," the singer said.

This upcoming Skillet album will serve as the follow-up to 2019's Victorious. Until we get a taste of new music, you can catch Skillet on the road now until the end of October. See their tour itinerary, which includes a handful of dates with support from Ledger and Adelitas Way, here.

John Cooper of Skillet Interview - Lifest 2021

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