Even if you're not going to compete in Tim Horton's Second Annual Cardboard Classic Sled Race, you should come join us! It's fun, absolutely free to watch and you'll get to see how badass my Batmobile sled turned out!

Registration for the race begins at 12:30p and Tim Horton's will be on hand giving out free coffee (while supplies last). The race doesn't start until 2p, but you might want to get there a bit earlier than that so you can walk around and check out everybody's sleds and ridiculous costumes... it was quite a spectacle last year (as you can see below).

Speaking of checking out sleds, you'll definitely want to see mine! I started building a Batmobile sled (or Batsled) for my sons about two weeks ago and I have to say... this thing is gonna be badass if I can finish it. Below is the last look you'll get at the unfinished product (hopefully).

Tree Riddle, Banana 101.5

Don't forget about the after party too, which happens right across the street from Mt. Holly at Bottoms Up at 5p. Come on in for specialty drinks designed by (and named after) the Banana staff like "The Hot Tony," "Tequila Maggie" and "Chris' Dirty Banana." They forgot to let me make a drink, but maybe I'll sneak a couple gallons of my specialty concoction -- "Tree Sap." Just kidding, no one wants that.

The sled race itself is free, fun to watch and is an all ages event. So come on down and watch my sled make everyone else (especially Maggie and Chris) look like a bunch of hobos!


Construction Of The Hill For The Cardboard Classic At Mt. Holly Has Begun

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