You seriously have to be one huge douchebag loser if your parents are forced to take you to court in order to get you to move out of their home.

30-year-old Michael Rotondo of New York was given 5 notices by his parents stating they wanted him to move out of their home. They even offered money to help him out but this turd just wouldn't go so they were forced to take their own son to court. He felt he needed a 6-month notice before leaving. Come on man, you're an adult, you know what you need to do in order to get your poop in a group.

According to WNEM/CNN, a judge on Tuesday ruled in the parents' favor and ordered Rotondo to leave after having a room for eight years. Now this clown plans to appeal the case and finds the ruling "ridiculous."

This guy pisses me off so bad. I just don't get how you can take advantage of your parents for so long. If he only put the amount of energy into getting a job and moving out like he is fighting in court, he'd be out on his own and doing fine. What a tool.

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