Former Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander took some time during a game on Saturday to respond to a very vocal heckler.

On Saturday, April 21st the Houston Astros took on the Chicago White Sox. During the game, a heckler started heckling Justin Verlander with "you suck" chants and more. So instead of shying away from the heckler, Verlander decided to respond. After a few minutes, he emerged from the dugout with a few signs in hand. The response was simple. He held up the signs toward the heckler to send the message of "No, you suck."

Even though it was somewhat of a weak battle of wits, it was cool to see the former Tiger crack back and not take any crap from the fan. From what I understand, the fans were lashing because they were a little bit butthurt after the hurting that good ole Verlander put on them on Friday.

Source: Jaydo via Twitter