Ok, so I can't prepare you for what you're about to watch...nor can I give you your minute and a half of life back after watching this. 

Nothing is off limits on the internet these days it seems, not even a rapping Secretary Of State with a kangaroo as her hype-man. This video is from a YouTube channel called MichSoSOffice. So with most things like this on the Internet, I'm thinking there's no way this is legit. This has to be a spoof page. So I start searching, and it does actually appear to be a real thing. WZZM posted this as well, and had the nerve to say it's "really funny". This is a disaster! Even the quality of the video! Who paid for this? I can't even...I need a drink after this. SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME THAT I'M WRONG (call me an idiot from Banana 101.5 even, if you have to) AND THAT THIS IS NOT REALLY OUR STATE'S SECRETARY OF STATE! *tear*

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