Korn on Wednesday (Feb. 2) released new song "Lost in the Grandeur," the third single from Requiem, the California nu-metal mainstays' 14th studio album that arrives in full on Friday (Feb. 4).

A lyrically searching, sonically pummeling tune with a distinct guitar thwack, "Lost in the Grandeur" follows Requiem singles "Start the Healing," released last year, and "Forgotten," which emerged last month.

Listen to "Lost in the Grandeur" and read the song's lyrics toward the bottom of this post.

Speaking about Requiem to Loudwire Nights, Korn guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer said, "Remember [our] album Untouchables? It has a vibe to it that's like early 2000s to me. I don't know why, maybe it's just because we took more time on guitars."

He added, "I feel like it's gonna take fans a minute to kind of digest. And also, you have to put yourself where we were in the middle of COVID. The whole world shut down. At one point, L.A. had these big fires and there was this orange sky, the virus was out there — it just felt so dystopian." (This month, Munky revealed he'd recovered from the coronavirus a second time.)

Korn are currently touring the U.S. with Chevelle and Code Orange. Pre-order Requiem here. Catch the band's Requiem Mass livestream show here.

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Korn, "Lost in the Grandeur" Lyrics

Hey you, what are you doing?
Laugh as you tear out my heart
The pain is so stimulating
I've been too numb from the start
And why can't I defend?
Tear all these demons apart
Who knows if it's really better
I threw it out for some parts

So lost in the grandeur

Help me find my way
I know this all sounds so cliche
But I've done everything you say
I'm so fed up with who I portray
So lost in the grandeur

Sad things fly all around me
Welcoming sight from the past
Somehow they make me feel something
Even if it doesn't last
So I do anything to be able to get away
Bad things always flock to me
It seems to be that way

Oh, there's that sound
It's constant and profound
What's it gonna do today?
What kind of joy will it steal away?
Oh no, then I'm going down

And I'm losing my grip
Always caught up in it
That the truth is all lies
It builds up inside
I fucking hate this everyday
Something painful, something grave
Can't go on living this way
I won't let you take this
Keep on trying, motherfucker

Korn, "Lost in the Grandeur" Audio

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