Kroger, H-E-B and Giant are putting purchasing limits on certain products as coronavirus numbers continue to surge.

Items that will have purchase limits include toilet paper, paper towels, disinfectants and, in some cases, hand soap.

According to ABC12, the three companies say supply chains for securing these items are still strained after hoarding in the spring at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Research firm IRI reports about 19% of paper products and 16% of household cleaners were out of stock last week.

I'm sure those products were out of stock not only because of the increase of coronavirus cases but also because of the election. A lot of people were going into panic mode last week due to both things happening simultaneously.

If people would just shop like they normally do, we wouldn't have any issues like this at all.

A couple of months ago I was driving past a house in Grand Blanc and the garage door was open and I couldn't believe what I saw. The garage was packed with toilet paper and paper towels. I'm not talking about three or four packages, I'm talking about the garage being packed out from the floor to the ceiling. I couldn't believe it. C'mon, there is absolutely no reason to have that much toilet paper at your house.

Apparently, 60% of shoppers plan on stocking up before winter hits. I'm totally cool with people stocking up a bit during the winter's the hoarding I have a problem with.

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