This episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ features former Flyleaf and current solo vocalist Lacey Sturm!

Lacey was nice enough to drop by our studio recently to speak with us about her debut solo album, Life Screams, and her highest and lowest moments while a member of Flyleaf. In this segment, we explore the rock siren’s life from the very beginning up until she chose to depart from her longtime band.

We always try to start out with the artist’s name and birthplace since we’ll sometimes catch an inaccuracy. And guess what? We got one with Lacey!

Moving on, Wikipedia chronicles that though Lacey is a devout Christian today, she “hated Christians” back in her younger days. We wanted to know whether Lacey truly hated the Christian people or simply the organized religion concept, and she gave a deeply insightful answer. Lacey also spoke about the day she planned to commit suicide and the inspiring moment (and person) that saved her life.

We moved on with Lacey to her years in Flyleaf, most notably waiting near a phone booth for two days in her band’s van. Flyleaf were waiting for a record label to call while struggling through carbon monoxide emissions and freezing weather during.

Lacey Sturm has plenty of amazing stories, so let her regale you in this episode of ‘Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction?’ To grab a copy of Lacey's new album, Life Screams, click here.

Lacey Sturm Talks Life Screams + Living the Impossible

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