It's not exactly common in rock to see a band with two vocalists, but Lacuna Coil have made it work over the years, with a both the female (Cristina Scabbia) and male (Andrea Ferro) perspectives getting a shared amount of time. Still, questions come up from time to time about if Scabbia might consider a solo record.

The singer explains to Legendary Rock Interviews, "I think this band has always been about the alchemy that was created by the sum of its parts. If you changed or took away the elements that are performing and composing in the scheme of this alchemy, it would be an altogether different band. It would be something else."

Scabbia says she's been approached about a solo career, but adds, "I think the interest in something like that only comes about when you are not allowed to be creative or don't feel like you can express yourself in your current band. Honestly, that has not been the case and I have always felt comfortable in Lacuna Coil. It's like a family to me."

The singer states, "I like the fact that we had been in a rehearsal studio and known each other for so long in real life and I like the fact that we have toured so much together. I am so happy with this band that I would honestly never consider such a thing as a solo career."

At present, Lacuna Coil are promoting their 'Dark Adrenaline' album, which sees the band expanding their boundaries once again. Scabbia says the creative process is crucial for the group and they are protective of what they write. She explains, "I love our fans, but we don't consciously create with them in mind. That would not be art. We have to be into what we are doing as a band and we're not interested in selling out or writing for the fans or for the radio." The vocalist says the band members are happy trying to create for themselves, and they're happy with the response they've gotten for the new record.

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