A family that lives in Lansing lost their dog 4 years ago after she ran away. They thought they would never see Bambi again, but they were wrong.

According to WILX, a Toledo police officer found 12-year-old Bambi wandering a neighborhood this month and took her to Lucas County Canine Care & Control. Yes, the dog was found in Ohio, more than 100 miles away. It's not clear how the dog ended up so far away from its family.

The owner was totally surprised when he received a phone call from the microchip company saying they had found Bambi. After 4 years, I would have a hard time believing someone had actually found my dog. When the family traveled to Toledo to pick up the dog, they were greeted with a familiar howl.

I really hope they filmed the reunion and share it at some point because I would just love to see the dog's reaction. I would have to imagine she was going bonkers.

I recently had my dog neutered and they asked if I wanted a chip put in my dog and I said no. I'm kind of rethinking that decision after hearing this story. I just thought it would be really hard to lose a 150 pound Great Dane.