A popular campground in Lapeer County will be forced to close for roughly 10 months for some much-needed upgrades and repairs.

The Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area in Lapeer County will have to shut down starting in September.

I first heard about this when my Facebook feed was nothing but people complaining about the closure. It was more like bummed-out comments rather than complaining comments. I must be friends with quite a few people that frequent the campground because that's all that I've been seeing today.

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Why is Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area Closing?

The campground will be closing to make much-needed upgrades and repairs including the replacement of electrical and water lines/spigots, sewers, repaving of campground roads, and more.

When Will Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area be Closed?

The campground which is located eight miles south of the city of Lapeer will close from Sept. 6, 2023, to July 31, 2024.

The good news, you'll still be able to spend this summer there before they shut down in Sept.

Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area:

The most popular question lately....when will Harvest Festivals be for 2023? We have been on hold for official dates until we had confirmation if construction for upgrades would be starting in the fall. We received word last week that we will be closed beginning September 6th to begin construction. It is bittersweet as Harvest Festivals are one of our favorite events of the year. But, we are all excited for much needed upgrades to the campground. Electrical and waterline upgrades are planned for the fall and paving of roads in the spring. We will look forward to 2024 Harvest Festivals!

According to the Department of Natural Resources, Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area consists of 723 acres with 80-acre Lake Minnewanna in the center Campers, hikers, boaters, anglers, hunters, cross-country skiers, and others enjoy a wide variety of recreational opportunities throughout the year.

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