We have some bad news if you were hoping to do some camping this summer at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area Campground. Unfortunately, the campground will be closed for the rest of the year.

Most visitors were already aware that the campground was expected to be closed due to planned enhancements of the entire park. The campground was originally supposed to reopen at the end of July after paving and electrical, water, and sewer improvements. However, that's not going to happen now due to unforeseen delays.

It's not all bad news though; the beach, boat launch, trails, and all day-use areas will reopen as planned this Saturday, June 15th.

When Will Metamora-Hadley Rec Area Campground Reopen?

According to a post on their Facebook page, the day-use area and boating access site are slated to reopen on June 15, while the modern campground and overnight lodging aren't expected to reopen until April 2025.

Their annual Halloween camping weekends will not take place this year as well.

While many campers were really looking forward to camping this year at Metamora-Hadley Recreation Area Campground, just know that no one is more disappointed than the crew there who makes it all happen.

A proposed $5.91 million in federal relief funding from Gov. Whitmer's Building Michigan Together Plan made renovations possible.

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