Yes you read that right - Lapeer Fight Club. As soon as I heard about the club I was intrigued. I went right to the club founder, Travis Ross and was immediately impressed. Before you make any judgements, check out my interview with Travis below. Lapeer Fight Club (LFC) is in its early stages, but already appears to be a well oiled machine.

 For those not familiar, can you tell us what LFC is? Is it boxing or fists? 

LFC is about the sport of boxing, and bringing people together to enjoy the matches. We train together and take on new challenges each event. The driving force of these events is simply people believing that they are tough. All we do is put there words to the test with three, one minute rounds.

Lapeer Fight Club hosted its first event at Sidetracks Bar & Grill in Lapeer earlier this month. From all accounts the event was a success. Tell me about the event - are fights inside or outside? Are fighters in a ring?

We had 80 individuals attend the first event that took place on a rainy Sunday outside. We hosted 4 fights within our ring. Clips and videos of the fights are posted on Instagram @The_Official_Boxing_Bros (see videos below). Nothing but positive reviews and appreciation for the entertainment we provided.

Your next event, LFC Halloween Bash will again be at Sidetracks in Lapeer. Can you tell me the dates and breakdown of each day?

The 3 day event is taking place October  29th, 30th and 31st. Friday and Saturday kick off at 9:00 PM and are 21 years of age and over. Sunday starts at 2:00 PM and is open to all ages. Friday night we are doing a costume contest, plus a raffle along side the boxing. Saturday we will have live music from Brandon Pretty, one of the best musical talents we've ever heard. Sunday will be just an open daytime event with strictly boxing. 5 fights for Friday, 6 fights for Saturday, and 5 fights for Sunday.

What does it take for someone to fight at one of your events? Is there a specific age range you allow? I imagine all fighters are not drinking prior to fights either.

It's as simple as getting in contact with me here. You send in your full name, weight, height and a picture to use for your card. When the fights are set in stone we post the cards on our Instagram channel. If you are fighting, you're not allowed to drink beforehand. Winning a fight gets you paid out from the tip jar that is passed around all night long. Our fighters must be 18 years of age or older.

Are you planning any female fights?

Yes we actually already had our first female boxing match between Teresa and Yasmine. They were a really good sport and are looking for a rematch on the October 30th at Sidetracks Bar & Grill.

Thank you so much Travis for taking the time to talk with me. I have a feeling LFC is going to be very busy. Is there anything else you would like to let people know?

I would just like to say that our primary goal right now as a company is to be hired by any venue that is willing to host. We have an indoor and outdoor boxing arena set and are very excited and enthusiastic to bring our hundreds of supporters along with us as a team. We are LFC, and we are the new age of entertainment.

Lapeer Fight Club
Lapeer Fight Club

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