This is kind of dumb but it got me thinking about what would happen if the Banana crew had this competition.

I'm not entirely sure how this started but these four friends decided to compete against each other to see who could stay in the circle the longest. The winner won $10,000.

I started to wonder how it would go if Tony, Maggie, Derek, and I competed in the same competition and even given $100 to get supplies. This is how I think it would go. The first one to go out would be Tony. He has never been on a real camping trip in his life. The closest he has come is renting a cabin or RV. The elements would get to him very quickly.

The next one out would be Derek. With Tony gone and no one to keep Maggie and I in check, we would easily be able to buy Derek out or flat out badger him to quit. Mix the s*** talk with his bad back and he is done.

This is where it would get interesting. Me VS. Maggie. Mano a mano. Strategy comes into play here. We have known each other for almost 15 years and know each others every weakness. Her mind games and competitive nature against my camping expertise and steel will. While I feel that lack of proper bathrooms and limited amount of tequila would eventually play in my favor, I don't know how long I could last against her singing. I would love to tell you that it would end in a long drawn out competition but it wouldn't. Not because I'm confident, but because we both love money and would probably split the winnings quickly and head to the bar.

How do you think your group of friends would do in this situation?

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