Destination weddings are a great way to ensure you have a wedding that's virtually stress-free and all about you.

Having a destination wedding allows you to be on vacation with all your family and friends at the same time. You can have a quick weekend getaway or turn it into a full-blown 7-day vacation. Of course, if the idea of being on vacation with your family sounds like a drama-filled nightmare, you can always just elope and have a romantic wedding on a beach with just the two of you.

The best part about a destination wedding is that it's stress-free because there are some great travel agents that will do all the work for you. Take a look at the list below and see what each travel agency has to offer and then decide which one is perfect for you on your big day.

These are also great options if you decide you're going to get married locally and want to go on a honeymoon.

If you know of a travel agency that we may have missed, please send us a message using our station app. For more help planning the perfect wedding day, click on the Virtual Veils picture below for more information. Virtual Veils is powered by Dort Financial Credit Union.


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