It's not very often that we get to announce a free concert coming to Flint. If we do, it normally means you have to listen to the Banana in order to win tickets to get in....not this time!

New Zealand rockers Like a Storm are hitting the road to celebrate the success of their song 'Love The Way You Hate' which found it's way on the rock charts five years ago.

The band will do a free concert for fans on Saturday, November 30th at The Machine Shop. This is an 18 & over show, doors open up at 7 pm and tickets are first come first serve.

It might seem a little odd that the band is doing an anniversary show for a song and not an album like we normally see. This song is very special to the band as it was truly the song that first put the band on the map or the rock charts in this case.

The band was actually getting ready to fly home and start working on a new album when we decided to put the song on our cage match feature at the time called 'The Cockfight.' The song blew up and was the winner for a month straight before we had to retire it. This was an exciting moment for the band as other radio stations around the country started doing the same and the song found the same success. As they say, the rest is history.

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