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Andrea's Faves
If you were at Dirt Fest 2014 at the Birch Run Expo center I'm sure you have your favorite performances of the day.  These were mine in no particular order.  Did you see any of them?
Like a Storm – The Machine Shop 4/26/14 [PICS]
Like a Storm is a band of brothers from Auckland, New Zealand. They performed an acoustic set over the weekend while opening of Zach Myers of Shinedown. Check out the photos of their set, thanks to Thom Seling photography. Also don't miss the band performing at the Summer's Dirt Fest.
Cockfight Champs – Like a Storm Release New Video
Like a Storm is going for the record of most wins on the Cockfight. They've been walking away as the champs night after night and just smoking everyone that gets in their way. The band just released a video for that very same song that has been kicking ass on The Cockfight. Check out their vide…