Linkin Park know a thing or two about natural disasters, as their Music for Relief charitable organization has been at the forefront of raising funds in a number of countries after weather-related catastrophes. So it would make sense that the group would be a little more aware of what it takes to be prepared in case of an emergency. With that being said, the National Weather Service has declared the group ‘Storm Ready.’

Meteorologist in Charge, David L. Andra, fired off a letter to the group through their tour manager, Jim Digby, recognizing the 2012 Linkin Park World Tour as a National Weather Service StormReady Supporter. He adds, “The entire Linkin Park organization and your millions of devoted fans should be extremely proud of this accomplishment. Your proactive approach to preparing for and dealing with hazardous weather threats set a high bar for others in the entertainment industry, and we hope to see many others follow your lead.”

Andra points out that the group that large venues with thousands of people in attendance can be vulnerable to severe weather and he credits the band with their efforts to monitor the weather prior to shows and taking protective measures to make sure their audience’s safety concerns come first and foremost.

He concludes the letter, “Congratulations on this accomplishment. The National Weather Service is proud to have you as a part of the StormReady Family.”

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, who posted the letter for their fans to see, added, “This means Linkin Park has taken exceptional precautions in ensuring the safety of their concert goers at each venue. It’s about knowing what to do before a storm hits, not waiting for a storm to hit and scrambling to figure out a plan. We hope that many other bands will move to become StormReady, and we will remember that Linkin Park was first.”

Linkin Park ‘StormReady’ Letter

Linkin Park

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