Pearl Jam and Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has streamed his track “All At Once” from debut solo album Cavedweller. The song, available below, features drummer Mark Guiliana and bassist Tim Lefebvre, who appeared on David Bowie’s final album Blackstar.

Despite having written with both his bands, Cameron only decided to go solo last year. He told Rolling Stone, “I got to a point where I felt the songs sounded pretty good to me, and I decided to bite the bullet and put it out there, warts and all.” But he admitted, “The vocal aspect was the toughest part for me. I’m pretty limited in terms of what I can do – but it’s better for me to do it all, as opposed to bringing in a ‘real’ singer and doing it that way even though my vocal prowess is very limited in comparison to Chris [Cornell] and Eddie [Vedder].”

He made contact with Guiliana and Lefebvre after hearing Blackstar. “Mark’s performance was kind of mind-blowing,” he recalled. “That was kind of what I was hearing for a drum performance, so I just reached out through Instagram or Facebook, and he got right back to me. Once he was on board I had a little more confidence to complete the project.”

Cameron let Cornell hear some of the material before his tragic death in May. “He really liked it,” the drummer said. “He was always very supportive of me writing music for the band and kind of going for it. I played some of it for Eddie and he really liked it too. That felt great.”

Cavedweller is on sale now. Cameron appears in the upcoming Pearl Jam concert movie Let’s Play Two. The accompanying soundtrack album will be released on Sept. 29.

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