Thin is in! Little Caesars is ready to roll out a thin crust version of a Hot-N-Ready pizza.

The thin crust creation will be available on Monday, October 29th - but only for a limited time. This reduced crust version of the popular Hot-N-Ready will run you $6 bucks. This pie will feature a crispy crust topped sauce, mozzarella and Muenster cheese, and pepperoni. Will you be trying? I will. I love a thin crust pizza.

According to a Little Caesars spokesperson,

'The crust may be thin, but the pizza is big on toppings and flavor.'

One article I read claims this is the first time Little Caesars has done a thin crust pizza. However I found a video of a guy eating one from 4-years ago (video above). Either way - thin crust is coming in the form of a Hot-N-Ready.

Let me know if you try one and what you think of it. It is thin crust after all, so it must be diet right? You can eat even more slices now. Wah Wah.