The giant digital display outside of Little Darlings has been a source of debate and controversy since it first went up in front of the Dort Highway adult entertainment club. This time, however, the sign is not making headlines because of backlash or public bewilderment. No, this time they're in a headline because they made me laugh out loud as I was driving by.

Perhaps you recall the Harrison, Michigan strip club Miceli's Corner getting national attention for their annual "Now Hiring Class of [insert current year here]" billboard. Well, what Little Darlings did here is to take that idea one step further. Rather than invite the class of 2018 to come dance there themselves, they had your mom do it. The sign (as seen in the video above) reads:

"'Mom Said,' Get a Job. We Have One. Come in & Apply. "

This is actually quite brilliant. It takes the idea of appealing to young people in search of work just like Miceli's Corner does, but doesn't intimidate potential applicants by implying that a diploma is required. They even put the quotes on the wrong part of the statement just to show you that grammar skills aren't needed -- just pole working skills. Now that's what I call effective marketing!

Remember Back When Everyone Thought Little Darlings Turned Into A Church?

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