The Detroit Lions had the third pick last night in the NFL draft. Detroit took Ohio State cornerback Jeff Okudah. From what I am told, that was a good pick. I was watching, but for a different reason - I was watching to see my friend Gary Campionoi.

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Gary is a huge Detroit Lions fan, as well as a long time Banana listener. Gary was part of the Detroit Lions virtual inner circle last night, and will be again tonight. This is not his first time being on TV representing the Lions. Gary is at every home game, and even some away games, dressed up as 'Macho Mane'. He and five of his buddies from college call themselves 'The Blue Mane Group'. I love it!

Last night I also learned about booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. You can see Gary in a Bud Light Boo the Commish campaign (see below). Let me tell you, my boyfriend Nick is beyond happy I watched the draft last night, and I will again tonight. Who knew quarantine would make me a football fan? I think Nick owes it all to Macho Mane. Go Lions!

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