I find this video of dog abuse extremely disturbing. It was recently released by Sheriff Robert Pickell and it shows some loser picking up a 4-month-old puppy by the skin of its neck, carry it across the street and slam it against a parked car.

A Genesee County resident caught the abuse on their home surveillance camera system and reported it. According to ABC12, they found the puppy's living area unheated with no food, water or bedding material. The guy did admit to the abuse and he said he was mad because the dog had run across the street. Sorry dude, that's no excuse to do what you did. I'm sure the dog was just trying to get away from its horrible living conditions.

It was also found out later after police had talked to the guy's girlfriend that he'd been physically abusive with her on a couple of occasions. I would have to assume that someone that is abusive to animals, also has that tendency with people as well.

The suspect was arrested on charges of assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder, animal cruelty, misdemeanor domestic violence, and unspecified weapons charges related to unregistered rifles and handguns in the home.

It's easy to get upset with your pet but regardless of what they do, this is not how you react. Hell, I have a Great Dane and he recently crapped all over my bedroom then walked through it and all over my white comforter and pillows. Ya know what I did? Nothing, aside from immediately wash everything lol.



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