Students and faculty at Davison High School today, Tuesday, September 7th, went into lockdown after reports of a student carrying a gun were checked out. At this time the lockdown has since been lifted and no gun was found on the premises.

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According to ABC 12, students were interviewed by authorities and the student who was thought of to have had the gun was of course questioned as well. Obviously his or her name has not been released and again, no gun and or weapon was found.

I cannot even imagine being in school and having to go through a lockdown over a gun, and think about all of the parents that the school had to notify - not the type of call, email or text any parent wants to receive.

Unfortunately we live in a world where school shootings are a real thing. High school is difficult enough without these types of scares. I have memories of bomb threats when I was in high school, but luckily they never resulted in anything serious. From all accounts it was just people screwing around and pulling a prank - not funny, but nonetheless it happened at least once a year.

Do you have a student at Davison High School? If so, what are your thoughts on the lockdown today? Did you kid and or kids have a different version of what went on today? If so, I am interested in hearing their version.

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