We are absolutely heartbroken after hearing of the passing of Chris Corley, the voice behind Banana 101.5. His legendary voice has been a huge and vital part of the Banana for nearly 25 years and he will be missed dearly.

Last week Chris lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. You may not know him by name but you've definitely heard his voice over the past 25 years on not only the Banana but also on some of the biggest television stations in the U.S, numerous commercials, movie trailers for major films, and countless radio stations across the country.

Chris was more than just a voice on the Banana, he was deeply embedded in the brand of the radio station. I loved sending him lines to read because I knew I would always get the best delivery on the planet, not to mention the best/funniest outtakes that I'll always treasure.

We will forever miss Chris's iconic voice and sarcastic delivery, he was truly one of a kind. Chris's voice can still be heard in between songs on the Banana will you'll continue to hear bits and pieces in his memory.

Thank you, Chris, for making the Banana what it is today, we wouldn't be where we are without you.

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