Oh deer.

A  video of a buck mounting a doe decoy is going viral. I should clarify, the buck is doing more than 'mounting' - he is going to town on the poor decoy. A family in Illinois caught the hook-up on camera. You will hear homeowner Lana Bergman, giving a play by play of the action in the video above. You will also hear a child saying 'I'm scared.' That part did make me laugh, but I can certainly understand being scared. It's not everyday you look out your window and see something like this in your backyard.

If you make it to the end of the video (the big finish), you will see the decoys head popping off. I can' pretend to know what the buck is thinking, but he does look bewildered. I wonder if he will try to see her again, or if he will just leave her, headless and heartbroken?

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