And the award for Photo of the Week goes to Krissie Sue of northern Michigan for her breathtaking shot of the Mackinac Bridge immersed in a smoky haze. While there may not be an official award, if there were, Krissie would no doubt be the recipient.

Her incredible photograph captures the Mackinac Bridge almost completely engulfed in a hazy shroud.

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The smoky haze was, of course, caused by the fires that have been raging out of control in Canada for weeks. According to the Canadian Interagency Fire Center, there are nearly 500 wildfires currently burning in Canada. With 230 of those fires burning completely out of control. It's believed that the wildfires started in late April or early May.

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I first noticed this photo when Krissie shared it with the Mackinac Bridge Views group on Facebook, it now has over 16,000 shares.

Krissie Sue
Krissie Sue

Krissie Sue:

Although the smokey-haze tried to hide her… the Mighty Mac, came shining through.

When I first saw the photo, I thought it was a rocket launching into space or something beaming down from the sky. It wasn't until I really focused that I realized that it was the Mackinac Bridge lost in a smoky haze.

She really captured a unique moment in time with this captivating photo.

Here's what the bridge looks like on a clear Michigan day.


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