Burgers and Brews happens downtown Flint this Thursday. Last year my 'Mexi-Burger' AKA 'Tequila Burger', took top prize. I have once again teamed up with the awesome crew at Timothy's Pub to create another winner - the 'Boozy Burger'! 

The 'Boozy Burger' is full of flavor, and of course my not so secret ingredient - TEQUILA! My burger features your favorite grilled toppings, mushrooms, onions and green peppers. As if the flavor of all three ingredients together is not delicious enough, we are throwing on a shot of tequila as they saute on the grill. Hell yeah!  The 'Boozy Burger' is topped off with bacon,  Monterey Jack cheese, chipotle and barbecue sauce. Talk about a burger buzz!!!

I am not playing - this is a full flavored burger. I look forward to seeing you Thursday and appreciate your vote! Let's get another victory for the crew at Timothy's Pub! The 'Boozy Burger' is a party in your mouth. Even Tony LaBrie and Chrissy Monroe like mine the best, as you will see in the video below. Let me be frank (hot dog humor), about my burger - it RULES!

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