Surprisingly, this didn't happen in Florida. It was actually in Ohio, which I can understand.

A Texas man stopped into a Burger King in Ohio on Thursday and ended up calling 911 after a dispute. However, it wasn't over a robbery or being attacked in anyway, it was because he couldn't get a free Whopper. Yep, you heard that right. Apparently he was trying to use a buy one get one free coupon and they would not accept it. Turns out they wouldn't because it was from Texas and those coupons don't work in Ohio. So instead of understanding that, he called 911.

Please, everyone, stop calling 911 for stupid things. I remember being a huge fan of the TV show "Rescue 911" when I was growing up. Can you imagine how awful that show would be today? Seems like we see a lot of stories of people calling 911 for the wrong reasons. How dumb can people be?

Source: Cleveland 19