When you need to go on a beer run, this guy will do it by any means necessary. Up in Kawkawlin Township, Michael P. Stark was caught on tape ramming a stolen snowmobile into a party store on Tuesday.

Stark, who is 38-years-old, crashed the snowmobile in the front doors of a party store in Kawkawlin Township. The video was taken in the early hours of the morning on March 13th. Not only was this moron caught on tape, he was driving a stolen snowmobile. That is going to be one hefty price to pay for a couple of Busch Lights.

I understand that we all do dumb things, but why does it seem that the farther north you go in Michigan, the dumber the crimes get. Just to be clear, I have no idea if alcohol was part of this story. It would definitely make sense though. Check out the video below.

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